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Techno Basics 2
KD-7: Romantica

Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600

Die KD-7: ROMANTICA bringt die typischen Sounds für softe Musik - zarte STRINGS, samtige PADS und kraftvolle SYNTYSounds: 1 Disk mit 200 Programs und neuen Samples.


Disk 1: Soundset 1 piano+, piano+saw, toy piano, epiano drep, epiano velo, epiano syn, epiano bell, epiano steel, digi clav, syn clav, bass clav, moog bass, synth bass, mod bass, rave bass, saw bass, wah bass 1, big bass, square bass, e bass, wah bass 2, reso bass, roman bass, bass+pad, bass+strings, wah brass, brass 1, sax brass, brass 2, brass 3, roman strings, twin strings, orchestra strings, sfz strings+mw, e strings, dream strings, slo strings, syn strings 1, syn strings 2, syn strings 3, orchestra 1, orchestra 2, choir, syn choir, perc voice, organ, resonator, china bell, twister, hyb synth, brass drops, saw solo 1, saw solo 2, saw solo 3, saw solo 4, saw solo 5, saw solo 6, saw solo 7, press me 1, press me 2, press me 3, press me 4, press me 5, wave pad 1, wav pad 2, wav pad 3, string pad 1, string pad 2, string pad 3, vox pad, piano pad, press pad, syn brass 1, syn brass 2, syn Organ, syn voices, syn power, syn reso, syn press, syn big, musette, sequence 1, sequence 2, sequence 3, sequence 4, sequence 5, mono synth 1, mono synth 2, mono synth 3, mono synth 4, mono synth 5, romantica, choralish, jumping flash, aby`s, joker, piep, stormy, timer, mystery

Disk 1: Soundset 2 basic synth, bassy brass, max bass, bass+synstrings, concert strings, choral strings 1, bass+jingle, mono lead 1, very fat synth, wheel bass 1, fat brass, noisy strings, bass+organ, swinging brass, horny brass 1, string brass, hold me, vox string pad, mono lead 2, vinyl brass, romantic strings, mono lead 3, clave bass, bass+analog, wrong+right, 5ths synth, bye bye theme, low synth, theater strings, wonder strings, wow brass 1, horny brass 2, wow brass 2, sustain synth, session brass, picking wave, china wave 1, phantomas strings, raver organ, looper 1, cool orchestra, looping pad, bass+synpad, move the wave, monster pad, china wave 2, wow brass 3, water syn strings, crash, water synpad 1, mono lead 4, water synpad 2, mono lead 5, true love, looper 2, shocking, dyna synth, mono lead 6, basic bass, bach wave, horny brass 3, mono lead 7, water synpad 3, wow brass 4, very nice pad, controller pad, water bells, water bass, dbass+lstrings, china hits, choral strings 2, poor orchestra, zithar guitar pad, bass+tub bells, voice on synth, wheel bass 2, press me synth, fanfares, wow brass 5, looper 3, romantic bass, dual synth 1, dual synth 2, mono lead 8, multi strings, swell brass, romantic bass 2, silly Drums, wah brass, swinging trumpet, looper 4, full porta brass, dual synth 3, dakota, wow brass 6, wheel bass 3, abys pad

Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung KD-7: DM 59 - Euro 30

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