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Kurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600

Die DL-6: BEST OF US-1 reicht von AKKORDEON bis DULCIMER.

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19 Disketten mit neuen Programs und Samples
UVP DM 99 / EUR 51
Soundset BEST OF US-1

Disk 1: Jede Menge Effekte
1. Chorus
Close Chorus, Chorus Dubbler, Chorus Room, Slow Chorus
2. Delay FX
Rat-A-Tat, Room Delay, Insect Delays, Choroom Delay, Play Delays, Rain Delays, Short Chor Delay, Chorslap Room, Chorus Taps, Keyboard Process, Dtune Aplex, Almost Verb, Verb by Delay, By By Room, 3/4 Sec Hall, Simple Double, Jump Delays, Eko Plex, Horror Delays, Right 2 Left Delay, 4 Ever Flutter
3. EFXDisk
Bloom Verb, Close Verb, Small Bathroom, Hangar, Small & Close, Gigantor, Reverse Slap, Chorslap Room, Water Place, In A Machine, Dtune A Plex, Almost Verb, Slow Churnin, Multiflange Effect, Verb by Delay, By By Room, In An Airport, 3/4 Secund Hall, Slow Chorus, Simple Double, Rat-A-Tat, Romm Delay, Flange Wash, Show Room Delay, Flange Space, Chorushall Big, Bigwash, Chorus Taps, Keyboard Process, Mod-U-Mania, Digital Verb, E-Reflect Hall, Practice Room, Air, Ambigate, School Room Too, Empty Small Hall, His Hallness, The Taj, Jump Delays, Rezonance, Slappy Room, Insect Delays, Close Chorus, Chorus Dubbler, Flange Doubble Delay, Short Chord Delays, Warm Hall, Metaverb, Outer Spaceverb, Long Chorusverb, Generic Chorhall, Boing Room, Chorus Room, Long Time Verb, Non Diffuse Verb, Eko Plex, Soft Jazz Hall, Slingshot Gate, Gate Dubbler, Play Delays, Rain Delays, Tabla Delays, Horror Delays, Enossification, Piano Place, Stereoize, On a Stage, Right 2 Left Delay, Live Slap Room
4. FlangeFX
Rezonance, Grunge Flange, Flange Wash, Tabla Delays, Flange Space, Flange Dubble Delay, Enossification, Worm Hole, Water Place, In Da Machine, Slow Churning, Muli Flange Effect, Mod-U-Mania, Effect Flange, Mid Frequ Flange, Over The Top, Fast Eno Flange, Tunnel Flange, Chorus Flange, Sick Flange, Hi Freq Flange, Medium Flange
5. Gated Verb
Long Reverse Verb, Big Gateverb, Ambigate, Reverse Slap, Slingshot Gate, Gate Dubbler, Revslap
6. Room Simulation
Slappy Room, Small Bathroom, Practice Room, Small & Close, Air, School Room Too, Boing Room, Metaverb, Piano Place, Stereoize, On A Stage, Live Slap Room, Close Room, Cheap Room, Garage #1, Nonlin #2, Club Audition, Deep Springs, Feel Da Walls, In A Car, Nonlinear
7. Verbhall
Bloom Verb, Close Verb, Digital Verb, Hanger, E-Reflect Hall, Gigantor, Chorushall Big, Bigwash, Empty Small Hall, His Hallness, In An Airport, The Taj, Outer Spaceverb, Long Chorus Verb, Generic Chorhall, Long Time Verb, Non-Diffusse Verb, Soft Jazzhall, Lexi Chamber, Sizzle Plates, Lexi Can #1, Slap Infinit Verb, Big Black Hole, Big Arena, Med Chamber

Disk 2/3: Akkordeon
Accordian Bass, Treble Accordian, Accordian, Acoustic Guitar & Accordian, Electric Guitar & Accordian, Piano & Accordian

Disk 4/5: Frequenz Modulation
Big FM Stack
Big FM Stack, Big FM Stack 2, Big FM Bass, Big FM Bass 2, FM Bass 3, Big FM Bass, FM & Analog, Auto FM Arpeggio, FM Source, FM Sweep

Disk 6: Clavinett
Electric Clav 1, Chorus Clav, Saw Clav, Saw Clav Piano, Bass Clav Guitar, Bass Clav Piano, Low Funk Clav, Funk Clav 2, Funk Clav 3, Harmonics Clav, Funk Clav 4, Funk Clav 5, Bass Clav Piano 2

Disk 7: Neue Programme
1. Allerlei 1
Arp Quadra, Doom Bass, Heavenly, Dreamers, Was Buzz, Wave Syncquence, FM2, Mr. Softy, Lowteeth, Mella Tron, Metal Bars, Klav Ennette, Whipstep, Hybrid Flute, Analg Brass, Cycle 2, Little Metals, Piano Ring, New EPiano, Fuzzface, Ethnick 2, Ringed Lead, Rizzak, FM EPiano, Synk Steps, New 2 Part, Arrakis Grand, String Reversal, Dream State, Swept Fuzz, Noo Toot, Glock Brass, Fake Vox II, Fake String, Heaven Guitar, Reztouch Sax 5th, Insect Klavrize, Stringstepper, Deetvara, Sloharm, Match Stick, Eno Wave, Harmonican, Ffich, R.E.M., Toy Store, Malletoo, Noo Sexion, Vox Formant, Gateperk Too, Buzz-A-Loo, Classic Sync, Neu Trumpets, Brass Sect, Brass Sect 2, Vox Formant 2, Tine Waves, Aliens, Aliens Voice, Aliens 2, Aliens Wood, Aliens Wood 2, Log Drum+Stick, Wind Vox, Drykit, Mono Brass, Spit Brass, OB Brass, Rotatong B+Ms, String Phazes, Brass Suspense, Gateperk Too, Buzz-A-Loo, (Wzlx), Lunar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse 2, Techno Groove 1, Techno Groove 2, Technowave, Whip Groove, Cymbalwhip, Pseudamento 1, Pseudamento 2, Pseudamento 3, Pseudamento 4, Pseudamento 5, Pseudamento 6, Pseudamento 7, Pseudamento 8
2. Pianino
cmepiano: 2 Layer Grand, Chorused Grand, Dyno My Piano, Dyno My Rhodes, Dyno My Piano 2, Dyno My Piano 3, Dyno My Piano 4, Digital Rhodes
3. Allerlei 2
Gregprg2: Resimallet, Sync, Prc Dist Leslie, Mello Fatanalog, Stringbell 2, CS Clav, Clav Synth, Caribun, Bright+Fat, Stringlike 2, Clear, Synth Bass 3, Guitar Synth, Mello Perc, New Dawn 2, Toylike Synth, Resinoid, R+B Synth, Complex, New Dawn, Complex 2, VS Type, Slow Filter, Harmonic Synth, Cosmic Mallet, Big Analog Synth, Mallet Pad, Waveguitar, Wavetable 2, Mod Bell, Mello Analog, Flg Elec Guitar+Piano
4. Allerlei 3
Gregprgs: Dualin Pianos, JB Synth Pad, Clavinet, David Foster, Rock Piano 2, Dual Rhodes, Strings, Sawteeth, Prophet Pad, Pluck Pad 1, Emu Vox, Strings 2, John Lennon, Moog Bass, Leningrad, Clangorous, Vox 2, Brain Damage, Simmons, Strings Eq, Strings Eq 2, String Veloc, Square Pad, Voice Bell, Bell Pad, Drum, Prophet Sync, Wang Chung, Voice Pad, Phase Rhodes, House Piano, Vox Piano, Enya Vocal Pad, Analog Sawpad, Voc Marimba, Dubb Bass, Synth Bass 2, Wood Pad, Mellotron, Spielbergs, Spit Brass, Tijuana Brass, Synth Brass, Oberheim Pad, George Duke, Chick Corea, Violin(?), John Lennon 2, Synth Tom, Winds 2, New Strings, New Strings 3, Rhodes 2, Bright Piano, Bright Piano 2, Piano 2, Organ B3, Organ B3 pp, Strike 2nd, Marine Boy, Piano 3, Strike 4rd, Strike 5rd, Piano 5, Green 1, Green 2, Green 3, Piano 4, Hades, Helicopters, Scratched, Van der Graff, Stepping Vox, Vollenweider, Aurora Borealis, Aurora Part 2, Slow Rhodes, Jingly Pad, Snares, MajMin Break, Wonk Shaped, Dry Pluck Pad, Dry Pluck Pad 2, Tshift Piano 4, Saw Pwm Pads, Analog Mess, Bong Pads, Bell Harmonics, TS Piano 6, Flutters, Gong Harmonics 2, Gong Layers, Gregs String Pad, Pms Growth Pad, Pms Bell Pad, Pms Choir Pad, Pms Lead Pad, Kill Horns, Mod 2X
5. Pink Floyd
Darkside Demo
6. Allerlei 4
Sweep Template, DF Mixgroove 1, Sweep Template 2, DF Vox Jam, Alaska, Anas Saws, Rocking Lead, DF Mixride, Darkside, Synth Strings 2, Ghost Rider, Ethereal Echos 2, Ethereal Echos 3

Disk 8: Glocken
DX Bells
DF DX BigBen, DF DX Sleigh Bell, DF DX Bell Voice, DF DX Bell String, DF DX Funeral, DX Bell Analog, Future Bells

Disk 9: Dulcimer und Newage
1. Hammered Dulcimer
Dulcimer, Dulcipiano, Dulciguitar, Dulciguitars, Dulciguitarz, Dulcibars, Dulcimute, Dulsynth
2. New Age
Decendance, The Deep, Laurres Dream 2, Laurres Dream, Chiller Theater, M only Laurre, M one Laurre 2, Looper, Reiterator, Rhythmic Wood, Bell Loop, Cyberspace

Disk 10/11: Asiatische Instrumente
Eastern Instruments
Koto Up & Down, Shinobue Song, Sitar 1, Tabla, Percussion, Bell Tree, Biwa, Shamisan 1 & 2, Sitar 2, Sitar 3

Disk 12: Rock Gitarre
Rock Lead Guitar
Touch Wah Lead 1, Clean Distortion, No Mutes, Distortion Mutes, Distortion Lead, Distortion Harmonics, Rounch Touch Lead, Clean Touch Guitar, Echo Touch Guitar, Rounch Lead Guitar, Clean Lead Guitar, Echo Lead Guitar

Disk 13/14: Bass Vocals
Bass Voice
Bass Voice, Bass & Voice, Bass Voices, Stacked Bass Voice, Stacked Bass Voice 2, Harmonic Bass Voice, Percussion Bass Voice, Breathy Bass Voice, Sweep Bass Voice

Disk 15: Lead Gitarre
Lead Chords 1, Lead Guitar FX2, Lead Guitar 1B, Lead Guitar 2B

Disk 16: Streicher vom Synclavier
Synclavier Strings
Synclav Strings 1, Synclav Strings 2, Stereo Synclav String, Stereo Synclav String +1, Stereo Synclav String +2, Stereo Synclav String +3, Synclav Strings

Disk 17: Led Zeppelin Schlagzeug
Zep Drums
Zepplin Snare, Zepplin Gate Snare, Zepplin Kick, Zepplin Gate Kick, Zepplin Gate Kit, Zepplin Kit

Disk 18/19: Noch mehr Vocals
New Voice
Doo Solo Voice, Hard Ooh Voice, Voices (Bahh), Ahh Solo Female, Voices (Ahh), Flang Ooh Voice, Space Ooh Voice, Voices (Ahh), Ahh Choir, Voices

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