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Kurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600

Die DL-1: PERCUSSION bietet eine komplette Sammlung aller wichtigen SCHLAGinstrumente.

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DL-1: PERCUSSION 10 Disketten mit neuen Programs und Samples
UVP DM 89 / EUR 46

Disk 1: Exotische Percussion
Chinese Gong, Waterphone, Sarna Bells, Rain Stick, Carillon, Wind Swept Rain, Sarna Syndrome, Metal Mild Meld, Stormy Pad, Into The Void, Dream Sequence, Jangle Drum, Wacky Gong, Breathy Gong Pad, Alien Chimes, Galactic Strings, Industrial Age, Pulsoid, Flanged Gong, 50`s SFX, Clockwork, Press Gong Pad, Dream Storm, Upset Stomach, Future Cry, Genie

Disk 2: Trockenes Schlagzeug
Castle Drums
Preview Kit, Dry Set 1, Dry Set 2, Dry Set 3, Dry Set 4, Dry Set 5, Dry Set 6, Amb Set 1, Amb Set 2, Amb Set 3, Amb Set 4, Processed Set 1, Processed Set 2, Amb Set 5, Low Flange Hit, Clipped Set, Factory Riff, Mickeys Set, Slingshot Set, Autoflange Set, Boomerang Set, Touch Set, Alien Percussion, Drums In Space, Breathing Drums

Disk 3: Cymbals
Cymbal 1
Stereo Cymbal, Scrape, Insta John Cage, Klingon Dream, Multi Scrape, Forth and Back, Childlike, Space Scrape, Low Flange Faze, Joo Joo Bees, Faderbass

Disk 4: Noch mehr Cymbals
Cymbal 2
Cymbal Scrape, Fast Cymbal Scrape, Cymbiodic Pulse, Cymbalspheres, Reverse Scrape, T´s Cry, Cymbal Zap, Space Moan, Cymbal on Drugs, Symbol Scare, Alien Pipes, Cympart Percussion, Optigon, Low Cymvox

Disk 5: Cymbal Rolls
Cymbal Rolls
Stereo Cymbal Roll, Cymbal Layer, Cymbal Roll + Strings, Cymbal Roll + Choir, Cymbal + Space Blocks, Energize, Aliens, Eruption, Orchestra Band + Cymbal Roll, Evil Metal Hit, Nuclear Bomb

Disk 6: Schlaginstrumente
Percussion 1
Percussion Preview, Brazilian Tamburin, Brazil Tamburin Vel, Classical Tamburin, Classical Tamburin Vel, Shaker, Guiro, Mambo Cowbell Mute, Mambo Cowbell, Mambo Cowbell Vel, High Clave, Marimba, Sharpy, Factory Gate, Guiro Row Row, Clave Comp, Percussion Reverse, Breath OK, Manic Percussion, Space Mambo, Duo Marimba, Mellow Marimba

Disk 7: Noch mehr Schlaginstrumente
Percussion 2
Temple Blocks, Glockenspiel, Aluminium Pipe, Farm Silo, Metal Pipe, Low Touch Blocks, Reverse Blocks, Su Block Nick, Gate Blocks, Low Gard, 5th Glocktree, Glock Block Bell, Fairglock, Jet Stream, Gate Pipe, Silo Snare

Disk 8: Ambience
Stereo Amb Tom, Stereo Amb Pipe, Tom Whisp, Space Glass, What Up, Reverse Pipe, Strange Gait, Freedy´s Hole, Pipe Orchestra, Sample Ambience

Disk 9: Südamerika
Sansa 1, Bright Sansa, Warm Sansa, Sansa + Sine, Sansa Glissando, Fuzz Sansa, Sansa Duality, Sansa Dream, African Sansa, Sansa Arpeggio, Multi Glissando, Casta Nett, Tuneful

Disk 10: Hits
Orchestra Hits
Big C Chord, E Chords, Grand Finale, D4 Hit, D#4 Hit, Looped Hit, C Chord + Bone, E Chords + Strings, Gong + Orchestra 1, D4 Hit + Brass, D3 Hit + Brass + Strings, Big Orchester Hit, Three Big Hits, E3 Chords + Choir

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