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Kurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600

Die CD-6: ANALOG DISK COLLECTION bietet Samples und Programme bekannter, ANALOGER Synthesizer.

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Analoge Klassiker: Arp - 2500, 2600, Odyessy, Chroma, Korg - MonoPoly, PolySix, Moog - MemoryMoog, MiniMoog, Oberheim - Matrix 12, Matrix 6, OB8, Roland - Juno 106, Juno 60, Sequential Circuits - Prophet V, Pro One, Yamaha - SK20
UVP DM 99 / EUR 51

1. Inhalt Ordner ADC-1

Arp25001.krz - arp2500 Seq 1, arp2500 Seq 2, arp2500 Seq 3, arp2500 Seq 4, arp2500 Seq 3+4, arp2500 Seq 1+3, arp2500 Seq 5, arp2500 Seq 4+5, arp2500 Seq 14, arp2500 Seq 1+14, arp2500 Seq 15, arp2500 Seq 1+15
Arp25002.krz - arp2500 Seq 2, arp2500 Synth Saw 1, arp2500 Synth Saw 2, arp2500 Modular Bell, arp2500 Bass Saw 1, arp2500 Seq 7, arp2500 Seq 8, arp2500 Seq 7+8, arp2500 Brass, arp2500 Soft Pad, arp2500 Seq 9, arp2500 Seq 10, arp2500 Seq 11, arp2500 Seq 9+10, arp2500 Drum 1, arp2500 Drum 2, Arp Ana Synth 1, Arp Ana Synth 2, arp2500 Drum 3, arp2500 Drum 4, arp2500 Drum 5th, arp2500 Seq 12, arp2500 Seq 13, arp2500 Seq 12+13

Arp26001.krz - Arp2600 Alarm 1, arp2600 Drums 1, arp2600 Seq 1, arp2600 Seq 2, Arp Kick 5, Arp Synth Seq 1, Arp Synth 1, Arp Synth Stereo, Arp Laser 2, Arp Laser 3, Arp Sweep Seq, Arp Sub Bass, Arp Sub Bass 2, Arp Cricket Seq, Arp Cricket 2
Arp26002.krz - Arp Bells, Arp res Belltone, Arp Rave Seq 1, Arp Rave Seq 2, Arp Rave Seq 3, Arp RavSyn Bass, Arp Rave Seq 4, Arp Synth 2, Arp Mellow Pad 1, Arp Wave Pad, Strong Synth 1, Arp Big Synth 3, Zawinul 2600, Zawinul 2600 3, 2600 Patched, 2600 Patched mw, 2600 Slurpy, 2600 Bubbly mw

Chroma1.krz - Chroma Pad synth, Chroma Thick Pad, Chroma Space Pad, Chroma Synth Big, Chroma More Pad 2, Chroma Big Pad 2, Chroma Bellsynth, Chroma Bell+Strings, Chroma Blend, Chroma Mellow Lead, Chroma Porta Lead, Chroma 5ths Lead, Chroma High Pass S1, Chroma Techbass, Chroma Bass 2
Chroma2.krz - Chroma Space, Chroma Space 2, Chroma Synthstar, Chroma Sweetpad, Chroma Bass 1, Chroma Arp Seq, Chroma Arp Seq A
Chroma3.krz - Chroma Sweetpad 2, Chroma Sweetpad 3, Chroma Sweetpad 4, Chroma Pad Resz, Chroma Sweetpad 5

Odyessy1.krz - ArpOD Drums 1, ArpOD Short Drum, ArpOD Synth Bass, ArpOD Rez Bass, ArpOD Short Bass, ArpOD Cosmo Bass, Arp Bass, Arp Rez Bass, Poly Synth, Poly Arp 1, Poly Arp 2, Quadra 1, Quadra 2, Quadra 3, Arp Omni Arp 5, Poly Arp 2
Odyessy2.krz - ArpOD Space Bass, ArpOD Syn Bass 2, ArpOD Soft Bass, ArpOD Comet Bass, ArpOdyessy Bass, ArpOD Tech Bass, ArpOD Blip Bass, ArpOD Mono Synth, ArpOD Techno Seq
Odyessy3.krz - ArpOD Rez Sync, ArpOD Fat Rez Sync, ArpOD Big Sync, ArpOD Big Sync 2, ArpOD Saw Fx 1, ArpOD Hit Fx, ArpOD Seq Fx, ArpOD Seq Fx 2, ArpOD Seq Fx 3, ArpOD Saw Sync 2, ArpOD Saw Sync 3, ArpOD Sync Lead, ArpOD Syn Bass 3, ArpOD Space Sync

2. Inhalt Ordner ADC-2

Memorymg.krz - Moog Sweep, Brass 1, Vocal Chorus, Organ 1, Filter Trill, Sq Waves 1, Elec Piano 1, Sync 1, Harp, Octave Trill mw, String 2, Brass 2, Tuned Perc, Pipe Organ, Bells, Recorder, Power Synth, Sync 2, Steel Drums, Sync Sample+Hold, String 3, Brass 3, Octave Synth, Organ 3, Take Off, Butterflies, Clav 1, Clav 2, Sync 3, Poly Moog, String 4, Brass 4, Sizzle, Calliope, Log Drum, Flutes, Clav Wah, Data Contour, Vibes, Sync Sweep 1, String 5, Brass 5, Sync 4, Organ 5, Sirens, Sync Sweep 2, Celeste, Sync Sweep 3, Harpsichord 1, Wind Chimes, String 6, Brass 6, Double Reed, Mono 1, Ufo, Chorus Synth, Clav 3, Echo Whistle, Elec Piano 2, Fuzzy, String 7, Brass 7, Synth Organ, Release Lfo, Sync Sweep 4, Sq Waves 2, Quint Harpsi, Wind Chimes 2, Elec Piano 3, Bowed Octaves, String 8, Brass 8, Release Voice, Mellomoog, Qint Fill Trill, Quint Osc Trill, Accordion, Synth Plectrum, Sync 5, Synth Woodwinds, String 9, Brass 9, Hold me, Mono 4, Drop Off, Moog Mod, Harpsichord 2, Repeat Voice, Clav 4, Qint Synth, String 10, Brass 10, Triangle Waves, Percky, Moog P48, Moog Blast, Octave Synth 2, Synth Plectrum 2, Clav 5
Moogfarm.krz - Emersaw Synth 1, Saw Triad, Tarked Triad, Thin Fifths, Memory Brass Section, Moog Brass 1, Moog Fat, Moog Fat 2, Moog Bite, Memory Moog Split, Fat As Hell, Single Bass 1, Mogue Bass 1, Mini Lead 2, Mini Lead 3, Mini Lead 4, Mini Lead 5, Mini Lead 6, Mini Lead 7, Mini Lead 8, Wakeman 1 Wakeman 2, Wakeman 3, Moogy Bass 1, Moogy Bass 2, Moogy Bass 3, Moogy Bass 4, Moogy Bass 5, Moogy Bass 6, Moogy Bass 7, Moogy Bass 8, Emerson Modular

Mglead1.krz - Moog Synth Lead, Moog Newage Lead, Moog Ambia Lead, Moog Mono FM Lead, Moog FM Lead 2, Moog Big Lead, Moog Harm Lead 2, Moog Synthlead 3, Moog New Lead, Moog Synth Guitar, Moog Harsh Lead, Moog Wave Lead 1, Moog Wave Lead 2, Moog Harm Lead, Moog Harm Lead 2, Moog Siren Lead, Moog Ghost Lead, Moog Square Lead, Moog Saw Lead, Moog Pain Lead, Moog Porta Lead, Moog 5ths Lead, Moog Lead 2
Mglead2.krz - Moog Synthlead 2, Moog Wow Lead, Moog Space Lead, Moog Mono Lead 3
Mglead3.krz - Moog Comet Lead, Moog Mono Lead 3, Moog Mono Lead 4, Moog Fat Lead, Moog Alarm Lead, Moog Sine Lead, Moog Perc Lead, Moog Soft Lead 2, Moog Dirty Lead, Moog Smooth Lead, Mogg Porta Lead 2, Moog Porta Lead 3, Moog Porta Lead 4
Minibas1.krz - Mmoog Syn Bass 5, Mmoog Round Bass, Mmoog Tech Bass, Mmoog Syn Bass 6, Mini Bass, Mini Bass 2, Mini Bass 3
Minibas2.krz - Mmoog Low Bass, Mmoog Short Bass, Mmoog Deep Bass, Mmoog Synth Bass, Mmoog Soft Bass, Mmoog Fat Bass, Mmoog Giant Bass, Mmoog Attack Bass, Mmoog Syn Bass 2

Ob8.krz - A1 Brass Ensemble, A2 St. Genevieve, A3 String Ensemble, A4 Vibes, A5 Rotary Organ, A6 Whistle, A7 Repeat, A8 Bouncing Ball, B1 Dem Bones, B2 Clavinet, B3 High Strings, B4 Digital Piano, B5 Cathedral Organ, B6 Chorus, B7 Pulse Sweep, B8 Calliope, AB1 French Horns, AB2 Bass 1, AB 3 Bright Strings, AB4 E. Piano, AB5 Rotary Organ, AB6 Bagpipes, AB7 Quantized Lfo, AB8 Rush Rez, C1 Trumpet, C2 Magic Clav, C3 Slow Strings, C4 Reso Sweep, C5 Combo Organ, C6 Double Reed, C7 Farr´s Funk, C8 Fm, AC1 Trumpet Ensemble, AC2 Bass 2 AC3 4Pole Strings, AC4 Reed Piano, AC5 Circus Organ, AC6 Sax, AC7 Harp, AC8 Dist Solo, BC1 Tropical Horns, BC2 Rubber Clav, BC3 Strings 2 BC4 Klink Piano, BC5 Hymn Organ, BC6 Recorder, BC7 Long Chimes, BC8 Perc Solo, ABC1 Comp Horns, ABC2 Bells, ABC3 4Pole Strings 2, ABC4 Soft Piano, ABC5 Birds, ABC6 Vocal Wow, ABC 7 Marimbas, ABC8 Rock Unison, D1 Delayed Octaves, D2 Trig Pwm, D3 Poly Portamento, D4 Steel Drums, D5 Square Mod, D6 Comp Synth, D7 Unisono Portamento, D8 Delay Mod, AD1 Swell Horns, AD2 Sitar, AD3 Fiddle, AD4 Sax Piano, AD5 Pwm Rezz, AD6 Triangle Comp, AD7 Jazz Solo, AD8 Earthquake, BD1 S/H Port Rez, BD2 Conga, BD3 Strings 3, BD4 Funky Keys, BD5 Fading Detune, BD6 Tremolo Rezz, BD7 Box O´ Pups, BD8 Stereo Spin, ABD1 Decelerate, ABD2 Carillon, ABD3 Solo Strings, ABD4 Detuned Long Piano, ABD5 Filter Drone, ABD6, 3 Way, ABD7 Harmonic Percussion, ABD8 Chopper, CD1 Tuned Portamento, CD2 Alien Craft, CD3 Strings 4, CD4 Pwm, CD5 Whippets, CD6 Metal Solo, CD7 Clave, CD8 Jet, ACD1 Water Wiggle, ACD2 Stripper Sax, ACD3 Rosin Strings, ABD4 Flanged Piano, ACD5 Saw Mod, ACD6 Impact, ACD7 Thunder, ACD8 Start Engines
Ob8farm.krz - OB Rez 1, OB-8 1, Slow Generic OBX, OB-8 Pad, OB Brass 2, OB Waves, OBX Brass 2a, Real OBX Brass, OB8 Pwm, OB Analog 1, OB Analog 2, OBX Brass 1

Obmatrx6.krz - Papano 4, Wurly 2, Melow Horn, Agressive Horn, Strings, Bow Theme, Ralphies, Blazz, Voices, Sexafoam, Pa Ano 5, Monster, Genviv, Strngrez, Stmonisk, Slap 1, Xstasy, Fifths, Good Bed, Roads, Bouncer, Synclock, Dreamy, Histring, Dejavue, Wet Baz, Pipe, Octavia, Halo, Kawhy, Jocko, Flutes, Atypical, Bow Viol, Vertabra, Hot Bodom, AW Why?, Octahorn, Toots ?, Harpsi 2, Stand up, Bert´s B, Sunrise, Stringme, Nays, OW Bass, Tingle, Horny, Nsnerate, Harpsi 1, Faz Bass, Beat it, Ballgame, String 2, Hun+Hell, Bass Syn, Syncage, Digihorn, Elec Perc, Peeano, Fret Not, Rawhide, Too Much, Stranger, Wet One, Wow Bass, Aport, Oberhorn, The Pit, Tinypian, Slap 2, Forests, Suspense, Strings, Velsync, Rainecho, Orgism, Crazhorn, Horror, Digpiano, Heaven, Stortgan, Copolips, Turbo, Bethblzz, Ocean, Power Up, Funk Art, Vibes, Stringer, Glock, Wavaura, Funk Pad, Baroque, Spit Shine, Insync, Take me back, All Alone, Get together
Xtramtx1.krz - Old+True, Padded Cell, Grow Wave, Broad Way, Slow Motion, Big Lead, Soft Synth, FM Memorys

OBERHEIM/Matrix 12
Mtx12frm.krz - Matrix 12, Matrix 12 Soft 5, Matrix House, Matrix 12 Pad, Matrix 12 Pad 5, Slider Swoop, Matrix Mellow String, Matrix Big Bass, Matrix Rezboy, Matrix Unison, Matrix 12 PWM, Matrix Sldr Brass, Matrix 5, Matrix 12 Pad 5 II, Matrix Softpad, Matrix Standard, Matrix Rez 5
Obmtrx12.krz - Synrise, Mondo Mono, Bowed violins, Syn Bells, Sfz Synth, Slow Strings, E. Piano 1, S/H Frenzy, Saw Pad Large, Rubber Lead, Rez Square 1, Rerise Sweep, Squarewave Plus, Evil Laff, Fatsyn 1, Slow Motion Triad, Square Bell, Vel Oct Lead, Dancing Filters, Chamber Ensemble, Forte Plus, Modular Heaven, Space Portal, Analog Brass, Square Sweep, Wow Bass, Modular Mellow, Max Rezzo, Multi S/Hold, Fireball, Ocs Finale, Velo Voice, Wah Saw, Helicoptolis, Rez Bass 2, Simmonz Split, Fanken Bass, Syn Bazar, Psycho Bells, Funk Art, Female Vox, Bright Rez, Hurricane, Rez Syn 2, Analog Triumph, Dreamer, Mt. Obersyn, Razor Phasor, Wine Glasses, Chunky Osc, Hold Me Pad, Synvox, Pump, Monsterheim, Big Bells, Machine, Poly Phon, Touch Square, Funk Bass, Obierpad, Super Saws, Agressive Horn, Syncbacker, Mount Oberheim, Hot Bottom, Meaty Comp
Xtramtx2.krz - Prophecy 6, Compsynth, Pulse Synth, Fatso

Mpoly1.krz - MP Beep, MP Beep 2, MP Square Tone, MP Space Square, MP Space Synth, MP Seq 1, MP Seq 2, MP Seq 3, MP Seq 4, MP Seq 5, MP Synth Bass, MP Synth Sweep, MP Cross Synth, MP Bass Blip, MP Bass Comet, MP Bass Comet 2, MP Bass Key, MP Bass Key 2
Mpoly2.krz - MP FM FX 1, MP FM FX 2, FM FX 3, MP Seq 6, MP Seq 7, MP Seq 8, MP Seq 9 MP Seq 10, MP Soft Cross, MP Cross Space, MP Soft Cross, MP SYnth 5ths, MP Cross Synth 2, MP Kicks, MP Synth Seq, MP Acid Synth, MP Acid Synth 2, MP Acid Synth 3, MP Synth Bends, MP Dirty Synth

Polysix.krz - Poly6 Big Unisom, Poly6 Fat Unison, Poly6 Dry Unison, Poly6 Unison, Poly6 String Organ, Poly6 Techno Synth, Poly6 Funk Brass, Poly6 Brass Wave, Poly6 Tiny Brass, Poly6 Saw Brass, Poly6 Saw Bass 1, Poly6 Soft Bass, Poly6 Sawlo Bass, Poly6 Saw Bass 2, Poly6 Saw Bass 3, Poly6 Losq Bass, Poly6 Synth Bass, Poly6 Synth Bass 2, Poly6 Rez Bass, Poly 6 Rez Bass 2, Poly6 PWM Strings 1, Poly6 PWM Strings 2, Poly6 PWM Synpipe, Poly6 PWM Strings 3, Poly6 PWM Soft, Poly6 Synth Organ, Poly6 Sq Synth, Poly6 Fat Synth, Poly6 Thin synth, Poly6 Sweep Sunth, Poly6 Sweep Strings, Poly6 Sweepspace, A1-A8, B1-B8, C1-C8, D1-D8

3. Inhalt Ordner ADC-3

Clscdemo.krz - Roland D50 bekanntestes Werksprogramm: Digi Native Dance, Yamaha DX7: Jazz Guitar, Roland D50: Fantasia, Yamha DX7: FM Harp, Roland D50: Staccato Heaven, Korg M1: FM E. Piano und Analogstrings, Yamaha DX7: Percussiv Bass, Korg M1: Dehh Synth, Korg 01W: Ephemerals, Free Flight, Nuclear Sun

Best106.krz - Programme: A11 bis A18, A21, A24-A28, A33-36, A38, A41-A48, A51-A57, A61-A65, A68, A72-A78, B11-B15, B23, B26, B31, B33, B34, B36, B37, B43, B46, B51, B55, B63, A54, A47, A28, A11, A74, A38, A38b
Juno106a.krz - J106 Funky Bass, J106 Synth Bass, J106 Synth 1, J106 Synth Bass 2, J106 ResSynth 1
Juno106b.krz - J106 Bass Buzz, J106 Bass Buzz 2, J106 Soft Bass, J106 Synth Lead, J106 Rez Synth 2, J106 Rez Synth 2b. J106 Rez Synth 2c, Ufo, J106 Square Wave, J106 Ana Square, J106 Sawtooth, J106 Saw Analog
Juno106c.krz - J106 Strings 2, J106 Strings 3, J106 Strings 4, J106 Strings 5, J106 Strings 6, J106 Strings 7, J106 Strings 8, J106 Synth 2, J106 Synth 3, J106 Synth5, J106 House Bass, J106 Square Bass, J106 Lead Bass, J106 Saw Lead 1, J106 Saw Synth 4, J106 Anasynth, J106 Tech Bass, J106 Sweepsaw, J106 Sweep Wave, J106Sweep Square, J106 Sweep Lead, J106 Synth Lead, J106 Soft Lead, J106 LFO Lead, J106 Space Lead

Juno60.krz - J60 Short Blip, J60 Deep Bass, J60 Synth Bass, J60 Sustain Bass, J60 Sweep Pulse, J60 Fat Synth, J60 Soft Big Pad, J60 Sweep Synth, J60 Mellow Pad, J60 Attack Pad, J60 Smooth Pad, J60 Bright Synth, J60 Bright Strings, J60 Mellow Pad 2, J60 Organ Pad, J60 Square Pad, J60 Organsynth

Prophet1.krz - Synth 1, Synth 2, Synth 2b, Synth 2c, Synth 2d, Synth 2e, Synth 2f, Synth 2g, Synth 2h, Pad 1, Pad 2, Techno 1, Drums, Loop 1
Prophet2.krz - Brass, Low Strings, Muted Clav, Perc. E.Piano, Flutes, Harpsichord, Sync 1, Perc Organ, Unison Glide, Harmonium, Organ with Res, Toy Piano, Trumpet/Flute, Filter MOD, Reed Organ, Brass (5ths), Pipe Flutes, Sync it, E. Piano 1, High Strings, Oct Sawtooth, Rel. Repeat, Del. Harmonic, Echo Repeat, Pulse with MOD, Slow Sync, Fourths Res, Harm Sweep, Slow Sync, Random Arp, Sawtooth Arp, Clanging Bell, Alien, Noise Sweep, Dec. Bells, Decend PWM, Helicopter, Res Bells, Square Wah, Female Voice
Proptfrm.krz - Prophet Sawpad, Prophet 5 Mello, Britesaw Prophet, Prophet Square 1, Prophet Square 2, Prophet Square 3, Prophet Square 4, Prophet Pulse 1, Prophet Pulse 2, Prophet Pulse 3, Prophet Pulse 4, Prophet Pulse 5, Prophet Clav, Prophet Clav 3, Prophet PWM Clav, Prophet Piano 1, Prophet Fuzz, Prophet Fuzz 2, Prophet Disco, Prophet Disco 2, Prophet Pule Bass, Prophet Pulse Bass 2, Prophet Pule Bass 3, Prophet Saw, Prophet Sync 2, Prophet Sync, Prophet Sync MW, Prophet Pad, Prophet Section, Prophet Piano 1, Prophet Square 1, Prophet Phase, Britesaw Prophet, Neo Prophet, Mellow Prophet, Prophet 5 Mellow
Prtvbass.krz - Bass 1, Bass, 2 Bass 2b, Bass 3

Pro1bass.krz - Pro1 Bass 1, Pro1 Bass 2, Pro1 Synth Bass, Pro1 Fat Bass, Pro1 Filter Bass, Pro1 Synth Bass 2, Pro1 Soft Bass
Proone2.krz - Pro1 Rez Bass, Pro1 Deep Bass, Pro1 Saw Synth, Pro1 Synth Pulse, Pro1 Synth Pad 1, Pro1 Fatsaw Synth
Proone3.krz - Pro1 Big Pad, Pro1 Big Saw Pad, Pro1 Brassy Lead, Pro1 Porta Lead, Pro1 Sync Lead, Pro1 Bright Lead, Pro1 Space Sync, Pro1 Fat Sync, Pro1 Huge Synth

Sk20.krz - SK Synth 1, SK Strings 1, SK Soft Strings, SK Big Strings, SK Rez Strings 1, SK Mellow Strings, SK Soft Strings 2, SK Synth Strings, SK Sweep Strings, SK Sweep Strings Rez, SK Sweep Big Strings, SK Sweep Strings 2, SK Synth Mellow, SK Synth Rez, SK Saw Synth, SK Space Synth, SK Big Synth OctSustains

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