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K2000/K2500: DL-8 BEST OF US-3
13 Disketten mit neuen Programs und Samples
Soundset BEST of US-3

Disk 1: Metallica
1. Bar Chime
Bar Chime, Shape Tree, Shape Mod, Clean Bar Chimes
2. Mark Tree
Marktree UpFst3s, Marktree UpFstxx, Marktree Pan, Marktree Scare

Disk 2: Pads
Pad World
Singers, String Pad, Vocal Ensemble, Bell Pad, Spectrum Pad, Digi Vastland, Wheels Away, Sci Fi High, Shimmery, Keys in Mid Air, OB Pad, OB & Voice

Disk 3: Der Affe ist los
Monk Fest
Monk Fest, Spin Doctors, Monks Groove, Marimba Men, Marim Drum, Marim Drum 2

Disk 4: Rauf und Runter
1. Arpeggio Harp 1
Arps-A- (pb+mw), hArps-D- (pb+mw), hArps-G- (pb+mw), hArps-C- (pb+mw), hArps-F- (pb+mw), hArps-Bb- (pb+mw), hArps-Eb- (pb+mw), hArps-Ab- (pb+mw), hArps-Db- (pb+mw), hArps-F#- (pb+mw), hArps-B- (pb+mw), hArps-E- (pb+mw), hArps-A- (pb+mw), hArps-D- (pb+mw), hArps-G- (pb+mw), hArps-C- (pb+mw), I Idim ii Idim I (Demo-Song)
2. Arpeggio Harp M1
Arpeggio Harp M1 (Programs für ROM 1): hArps-Am- (pb+mw), hArps-Dm- (pb+mw), hArps-Gm-(pb+mw), hArps-Cm- (pb+mw), hArps-Fm- (pb+mw), hArps-Bbm- (pb+mw), hArps-Ebm- (pb+mw), hArps-Abm- (pb+mw), hArps-Dbm- (pb+mw), hArps-F#m- (pb+mw), hArps-Bm- (pb+mw), hArps-Em- (pb+mw), hArps-Am- (pb+mw), hArps-Dm- (pb+mw), hArps-Gm- (pb+mw), hArps-Cm- (pb+mw), i6 ii7b5 v7b9 i7 (Demo-Song), i7 iv6 v7b9 i6 (Demo-Song, i7 bvi7 v7 i7 (Demo-Song), i7 iv9 ii7b5 v7 (Demo-Song)
3. Arpeggio Harp M2
hArps-A- (pb+mw), hArps-D- (pb+mw), hArps-G- (pb+mw), hArps-C- (pb+mw), hArps-F- (pb+mw), hArps-Bb- (pb+mw), hArps-Eb- (pb+mw), hArps-Ab- (pb+mw), hArps-Db- (pb+mw), hArps-F#- (pb+mw), hArps-B- (pb+mw), hArps-E- (pb+mw), hArps-A- (pb+mw), hArps-D- (pb+mw), hArps-G- (pb+mw), hArps-C- (pb+mw), i7 iv7 ii7b5 v7 (Demo-Song)
4. JorVoice
Jord Voice (Motiv: Bayoo)

Disk 5: Streicher und Synthie
1. VS String
MortalMan, Mortal Strings 1, Stringmort, Strings Live 1, Strings Live 2, Strings Live 3
2. VS Synth
Bee Alert Clav!, Be Alert, Bee Alert Comp!, Dogmeet Cat, Pequid Cat, Dogmeat, Pequid, Complex, Additive Pan, Slither, Pequid Squid, Slither Peqward, Dogmeat Philta

Disk 6: Alles was man so braucht
1. Arpeggio Piano
Glissandos: Pno Arp -C- (MW), Pno Arp -C#- (MW), Pno Arp -D- (MW), Pno Arp -D#- (MW), Pno Arp -E- (MW), Pno Arp -F- (MW), Pno Arp -F#- (MW), Pno Arp -G- (MW), Pno Arp -G- low (MW), Pno Arp -G#-l(MW), Pno Arp -A-low (MW), Pno Arp -A#-l(MW), Pno Arp -B- low (MW)
2. Basses
E-Bass Sustain, Fingered Bass, Picked Bass, Slap Bass 1, Slap Bass 2, Synth Bass 1, Synth Bass 2, Bass & Lead, Bass & Dual Ride, House Bass, Saw Bass
3. Brass
Soft Bigband, Soft Bigband 2, Soft Bigband 3, Baroque Brass, Hugh Brass, Soft Section Brass, Brass Band, Brass Section, Trumpet Section 1, Trumpet Section 2, Dynamic High Brass Band, Dynamic Low Brass Bend, Sfz Mute Trumpet, Muted Trumpet 2, Soft Low Brass Band, Tuba, Huge Brass 2, Gentle Trumpet, Trombone Section, Sfz Trombone, Trumpets & Bones, Bright Trumpet & Bone, Dynamic Trombone & Horn, Synth Brass 1, Synth Brass 2
4. Guitars 1
Clean Strat Guitar, Stereo Jazz Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Harmonics Guitar, All Guitars, Charang, Acoustic Guitar Ensemble, Guitar & Choir, 3 Guitars, Magic Guitar
5. Guitars 2
Guitar With Strings, Nylon Guitar With Castagnettes, Nylon Guitar With Tamburin, Flamenco, 3 Guitars, Nylon Mute, Nylon & Choir, Nylon Ensemble, Small Full Trio, Stereo Jazz Guitar, Clean Guitar, Muted Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar., Harmonics Guitar, Nylon & Steel, All Guitars, Charang, Atmosphere, TrashCan Guitar
6. Keyboard 1
Harpsichord 1, Harpsichord 2, Harpsichord & String, Baroquen Trio, Continuo, Cathedral Pipes, Cathedral Pipes 2, Pipes 2, Pipes 3, Pipes 4, Flute Pipe 1, Flute Pipes 2, Sanctuary Pipes, Sanctuary Pipes 2, Pedal Pipes 2, Pedal Pipes 3, CP-70, CP-70 1 Layer, Bright CP-70, New Age CP-70, Electric Grand, Honky-Tonk, Church Organ, Synth Pipe 1, Synth Pipe 2, Organ 1 (Drawbar), Organ 2 (Perc), Soft E-Piano
7. Marksong
Dual Bass, Guitar Mutes 1, Preview Drums 1, Preview Drums 2, Preview Drums 3, Dream State, Stereo Sweeps, Part Of Rain Forest, Air Vox, 3 Layer Kit, Reverse Kit, Neo-Prophet, Brass Vtrig Stab, Marks Lead, Dance Kit, Tine Elec Piano, Dance Kit 2, Demons !, Accoustic 12 String, Dance Kit 3, General Midi Kit, Almost Muted, Pinger, Gospel Organ, Slow Chorus Guitar, Touch String Orchester, Bright Piano, Walking bass, AM Square Synth, Tranquility, Helter Skelter Guitar, Neo-Prophet 2, Bamboo Voices, Fade String Orchester, Stackoid, Hammer Bass, Crashed, Marks Dream (Demo-Song)
8. Orchester
Touch Orchester 2, Baroque Orchester, Orchestral Flute, Solo Flute, Piccolo, Flute & Clarinet & Oboe, Dynamic Trumpet, Straight Mute Trumpet, Solo Trombone, Bold Brass, Marcato Violin, Mellow Cello, Touch Strings, Quick Strings, Chamber Group, Sfz Strings, Silk Strings, Baroque Strings, Large String Ensemble, Pad Nine, Pizzicato & Strings, Pipes, Pedal Pipes, Magic Guitar, Glass Ring, Noo Age Guitar, Synth Orchester, Guitar Dream, Afro Wood CTL, Batman Strings, Orchester Pad CTL
9. Peanuts
Control Formants, Tine Elec Piano, Peanuts (Demo-Song)
10. Pink Floyd
Darkside Demo
11. Mallets
Glock (No Steel), Glock Roll Sustain, Xylophon, Xylo Roll Sustain, Long Xylo Tone, Full Chimes, Chimes (damped), Timpani Roll Sustain, Can Pan Drum, Can Pan Drum 2, Steel Drums, Kalimba, Taiko Drum, Tingle Xylo, Sine Xylo
12. Percussion
GM Drum Kit, GM Orchester Kit, Dynamic Tamburine, Castinet x 3, Big Tam Tam, Zap 1, Deep House Clave, Bass Drum Rumble, Echo Block, Wood Block, Syn Toms, Agogo, Dynamic Big Bass Drum, March Kit, Snare Pressure Roll, Sfz Pressure Roll & Hit, Timpani 2, Long Tam Tam, Street Kit 1, Street Kit 2, Samba Whistle, Dynamic Ride, Sleigh Bells, Reverse Cymbal
13. Synths 1
New Trumpet, My Crow Wave, 3 Easterners, Early Fairlight, MicoOrgan 1, MW Klikomp, Passion Basis, Dapper, Big Top, Low World Shift, Pizz-A-Clop, Bassoon Syn, Depech Strings, Send me, Ala Jarre 2, Glass Bow 3, Percussion Industry, Nylon Ensemble, Bush Kate Cellos, Soft FM, AfroMetals, Violastic, Noo Rezzys, Rad Wave, AfroCasta, Noo Chimelike, Ethnoo Lead, AfroLogg, TrumpHiss, Lowphase Reeds, New Comp
14. Synths 2
Solina Phaze, EWI Lead, EWI Lead 2, MicroWave2, Celest E-Piano, Lullaby, Tamb Organ, Lover Shift, Glass Bow 2, OB7 Synth Wave, Perc Synth Brass, Bass Drum Shaper, Space Clock, Stack Pad, Slow Orchester Pad, Jackhammer, Wet Voices, Synth Koto, Electric Harp 1, Bass Electric Harp, Clav Harp, Shaped Chimes, Para Harp With Voice, Funky E-Harp, Twangy Lead, Xyliope, Fancy Xyliope, Magic Xuitar, Captain Nemo, Percussion Effects, Thunder & Rain
15. Synths 3
OB Waves, Voiciola, Choir Stabs, Smooth Choir, Slay Sweep, String Machines, S+H Violin, Mellow Scratch, Shaker Thing, Snare Thing, Tamb Thing, Snare Thing Pad, Erie Horn Pad, Aux Bells, Tambionics, Boppy Perc, Metallic Pad, Fantasia, Poly Synth, Bowed Glass, Sweep Pad, Crystal, Star Theme, Ice Land, Space Chime 6, Shaped Chimes 1, Space Glock 1, Space Glock 2, Syn Tambura, Porta Lead, Slow Syn Pad, Slow Syn Pad 2, Duo Synth, Xylo Lore, Lore Pad

Disk 7: Marimba und Bass
Bass Rez 1, Bass 1, Bite It Bass, Punch Bass, Dark House Bass, Marimba, Split Keys, Mallet Percussive, Air Mallets, Soft Marimba, Marimba 2, Stacked, E-Marimba, Marimba 3, Mondo Bass, Hammer Bass, Hammer Bass 2

Disk 8: Glocken und Harfe
Dynamic Harp, Stratosphere, Harp w/8ve CTL, Bell, GlassBell, Chime Like, Heaven, Toys-R-Us, Gated Mute, Air Bell

Disk 9: Okarina, Tuba und Glocken
1. Okarina/Bell
Ocarina SP, Ocarina Organ 1, Ocarina Organ 3, Glass Organ, Glas Bell 1, Glas Bell 2, Glas Bell 3, Glas Bell 4, Glas Bell 5, Glas Bell 6, Celestial Algorithm 14
2. Tuba
Tuba, Pad Tuba 2, Shapely Tuba
3. Whistle 2
Whistle #2 Whistle #2 8vs, Whistle #2 MW AT, Whistle 8vs MW AT

Disk 10: Noch mehr Metallica
Metal Toys
PRC: Metal Toys, Big Toys, Cym: ET Fngr. CYM3, PRC: ET Agogo High, PRC: ET Agogo Low, PRC: Triangel, PRC: ET Triangle Mute

Disk 11: Akai und Synclavier Streicher
1. Akai Solo String
Solo String 1, Solo String Bright, Solo String 1 MW slow, Solo String Bright MW, Solo String 1 X, Solo String 2 Bright X, Solo String 3 Bright X, Solo String 1 X MW, Solo String 2 Bright MW X, Solo String 3 Bright MW X
2. SynClavier Strings
SynClavier Strings, SynClavier Strings F1 MW slow, SynClavier Strings F1 Xup, SynClavier Strings F1 Xdown, SynClavier Strings MW Xup, SynClavier Strings MW Xdown

Disk 12/13: Chor
Mixed Choir (Ooh), Bright Choir (Ooh), Windy Wash, Dreamstate, Choir & String

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